Our exquisite designs are always personalized and harmonized, and the method to achieve our goal remains a constant. At P&H Interiors, clients love our creativity, originality and ability to transform any space into a masterpiece. What keeps them coming back is that they always know what to expect: professionalism, legendary organization and a tried and true process that ensures no detail is overlooked.

At P&H we call this the Design Process and it’s all part of the service that we provide. A timetable is established so that work is done in an efficient and professional manner throughout the process.

From concept to reality, our method takes us on a journey to build a space that is livable, functional, reflective of you and your lifestyle, and within your budget and timetable. Come along on the journey, and see just how easy it is!

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The natural and logical starting point for any well-planned project is to establish a budget. We encourage our clients to give this process some thought, and we are comfortable discussing this aspect and helping you prioritize your spending plan. If you don’t know where to begin, and many people don’t, we are happy to work with you to help you establish a budget.

During the budget planning, a set fee is established which covers the wide array of services in our design process. This allows us to be at your service without you having to worry about accruing hourly charges. There are no additional service fees unless the scope of the project changes.

After the design fee has been paid, no additional funds exchange hands until much later in the design process when we purchase furnishings, window treatments and other finishing touches you have chosen. We present a detailed itemized proposal that supports the design in detail.

Space Planning entails placement of scaled furniture in your floor plans. It is a vital tool that we use to confirm the use of space and its functionality. We enjoy getting to know our clients, learning what their needs are and how they plan to use the space. Once we understand the scope of what a client is trying to achieve we can adapt plans to best fit their desires.

At P&H, it is our belief that function should come before aesthetics because if a space doesn’t function and flow well, no matter how beautiful it looks, you won’t be satisfied with the end result.

One of the exciting things about space planning is reviewing and evaluating plans, and finding out if there are opportunities for improvement. For many people, this is the first time they get to really visualize what their space will look like. Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings, we can plan interior detailing, furnishings and many other aspects of the design.

Interior detailing can transform a lackluster room into an amazing, awe-inspiring space. It’s the details that others might overlook which will add infinite interest and character to a room. Our talented designers have years of experience in this area, which only adds to the possible enhancements.

Interior detailing, just as the name implies, is all about the details. And whether for new construction or renovation, the possibilities are endless! Together, we can generate a complete set of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings and determine:

  • Interior elevations (drywall details, wall sculpting, window placement, ceiling and arch heights, etc.)
  • Review electrical plans
  • Selection of decorative lighting fixtures
  • Selection of plumbing fixtures
  • Aesthetic architectural changes such as ceiling details, decorative columns, door placement, arches, coffers and soffits
  • Crown moldings, ceiling moldings and custom features, decorative wood beams and / or paneling
  • Flooring plans to include comprehensive marble, tile or wood floor details and layouts and carpeting applications
  • Detailed tile layouts and product specifications
  • Fireplace designs
  • Design of iron and leaded glass
  • Cabinetry design and selection of door styles and finishes
  • Hardware selection
  • Marble and granite slab selection
  • Paint color selection
  • Appliance finishes

Any additional one–of-a-kind elements created by our design team to fulfill your own unique vision of expression!

Customized millwork design includes all woodwork and trim carpentry. P&H uses talented craftsmen who combine function with physical beauty to custom build cabinetry that meets your specific needs and makes the most of your usable space. This includes:

  • One-of-a-kind wall units and built-ins
  • Customized media/theater room needs
  • Entertainment centers
  • Furniture
  • Cabinetry
  • Bar units
  • Desks for home or office
  • Library units and/or custom shelving needs
  • Club environment details

Furniture and fabrics are among the materials that will help you achieve the right feel and add color and appeal to any room. We are proud of our extensive in-house library, where thousands of samples from all around the world allow us to assemble the perfect combination of choices to please your senses and reflect your individuality. Furnishings also include area rugs, lamps, bedding, wall coverings and decorative mirrors.

A variety of styles to choose from are selected from our library ahead of time, based on your preferences, and then laid out for a professional presentation at our office. This serves as an excellent opportunity to value engineer your choices to help you stay within your budget. We will present an itemized budget for detailed review, based on your final design preferences.

Window treatments, like furniture and fabrics, help set the mood and magnify the positive attributes of a room with the introduction of a variety of colors and textures. They also enhance a space by assisting with acoustics in the room while offering light control. Our extensive library includes thousands of choices for fabrics, trims, cording and fringes. So whether you desire full-functioning draperies, motorized blinds or drapery application, or stationary, decorative fabrics to soften and add attractive movement simply by their existence, we will work with you to create the perfect ambiance with a customized design.

The attention to detail doesn’t end with the furniture and window treatments. The overall beauty of any room is enhanced by the proper placement of stylish accents and accessories, faux finishing, hand painting, notable artwork, and customized silk floral and greenery. We will blend your personal taste with a harmonious balance of accessories, so that your project exudes character.

Don’t forget about the exterior, we don’t! The outside of a home or business is just as important as the inside, so of course exterior detailing is included in our services. We will help with the specifications of all exterior finishes including paint selection, roof tile finishes, window frame finishes, driveway paver selection, patio and balcony flooring selection, covered patio and balcony ceiling design, pool finishes, outdoor bar and fireplace designs and finishes, iron railing designs and we’ll even consult on the landscape design!