About Us

P&H Interiors is made up of an incredible group of individuals who together form a powerful force of creativity, productivity and vision. Each person brings with them an enviable resume, an impressive work ethic and a dynamic set of skills. Within our team, you will find numerous talented artists, several world travelers, writers and voracious readers.

We are proud and supportive of our staff members who take an active role in our community. From serving in local organizations, raising money for charitable causes, to volunteering our time for charities, our staff members are active and important members of the community.

At P&H Interiors, we believe that an important element to building the success of our business is recognizing and sharing our strengths for the benefit of the team. We have worked hard to foster an atmosphere of collaboration rather than competition. It shows, not only in the harmony and productivity of our office, but also in the strong friendships and common values we’ve formed.

P&H Family Album